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Annual Fund
A gift to the Annual Fund will last a lifetime. Each and every year faithful parents, grandparents, staff, alumni, businesses, and friends of Cumberland Valley Christian School invest in the lives of our students through our Annual Fund knowing that they are tomorrow's Christian leaders.

The Annual Fund provides CVCS with the essential dollars for program operations not covered by tuition. Each student's tuition covers approximately 75% of the actual cost to educate that student. This means that approximately $1,000 of each student's education is not being covered through tuition.

Why don't we just raise tuition rates to cover all costs of running the school? Our goal is to keep tuition affordable to allow more families the opportunity of a quality Christian education. The annual fund is critical to realizing this goal. It supplements the shortage in our general operating budget and directly impacts each of our students and staff.

The economy is certainly challenging many of us from being as generous in our giving as we may like, but every gift - regardless of the size - makes a difference in the lives of our students - students who will go out and make a positive impact for Christ on our world.
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